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Here you will find useful information and resources related to Spine Problems.

Spine Care was created in 1996 to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art care for all aspects of spinal disorders at one location. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of comprehensive care for all spine related problems. Patient education is a high priority at Spine.

Spine Care Mission

Spine Care advocates a conservative approach to helping patients achieve spinal fitness, prescribing therapies that have a proven record of success and thus significantly reducing the incidence of surgical intervention. When surgery is needed, Spine Care provides highly-skilled physician care, utilizing effective procedures and follow-up therapies that quicken recovery time. This, combined with our comprehensive treatment center and caring, professional staff means patients receive a quality of medical services that makes a difference in every aspect of achieving back and spinal wellness.

What We Treat

Founder and Medical Director Dr. Stanley C. Jones designed Spine Care's treatment concept to provide the comprehensive, conservative care proven effective in achieving spinal and back wellness for patients.
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Our Procedures

Our Physicians provide several options within the field of cutting-edge Spinal Surgery. They have quality surgical experience in all areas of spinal disorders from the common to the more complex.
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